Meet the man
Edward Forster is a Western New York native with great pride in the city and the direction in which it is headed. Starting humbly as a dishwasher, Edward realized he wanted to cook professionally after cooking a simple meal for his high school sweetheart and watching the smile that his creation brought her.

Studying at the Culinary Institute of America gave Edward a great base of knowledge with which to begin his culinary education. Needing to learn at the stoves of the best, Chef Forster worked for Jean Georges in London at his Vong. After completing culinary school, he returned back to Buffalo where he worked at Oliver’s and fortuitously met Chef Mike Andrzejewski.

The itch to travel, learn, and grow led him to three years with Georges Perrier’s fleet of restaurants in Philadelphia and Atlantic City. The final move in his culinary travels led him to the center of innovation in the U.S, Chicago. With positions leading Michelin starred Graham Elliot and Paul Kahan’s Blackbird, Edward was really able to carve out a culinary style all his own.

Today, he is back in Buffalo, trying to raise the culinary bar one plate of food at a time. Having opened Mike A at the Lafayette Hotel, with uber restauranteur Mike Andrezejewski, the food scene of Buffalo was shown a new style of cuisine. He led the restaurant to the Buffalo News’ first perfect 10 rating, as well as accolades from the Boston Globe’s Steve Jermanok, mentions by the New York Times, and press galalore in WNY.

Next Edward took the position Chef & Partner at Buffalo Proper, an elite destination for craft cocktails and thoughtfully designed meals. He was honored to have cooked at the prestigious James Beard House for a second time on 15 June of 2016. With creativity and guest experience of the foremost importance, Edward was able to continue to develop his personal culinary ethos and style.

Today, The Workshop is closing in on its final iteration. For Preview or Private dinners, email theworkshopbuffalo@gmail.com. Stay tuned for the latest news, and stay hungry. Chef Ed and The Workshop will continue to push the boundaries of cuisine and flavor, in search of the next thing to make you smile.

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