Silo City Kickoff


The first ever workshop event was an amazing time. It was a mix of friends from all over western new york, from all woks of life. The concept was kicked off in style thanks to a lot of work by a great group of friends. The dinner party’s location, Silo City, featured one of the coolest and most symbolic venues of Buffalo. Being a sign of our industrial roots and our industrious future all in one, silo city is being re-purposed as a mixed use space for rock climbing, silo fleas, city of night, and a myriad of other unique and cultural uses. We were fortunate enough to have a dinner party there for one night, just one moment in time. The grain mills, which shut down in 1993, still swell and move, allowing existing barley to fall from its masses. Given the history of the venue, the evenings offerings were designed around the theme, An Exploration of Grain. The night had 3 hors d’oeuvres in the outdoor venue overlooking the river, as well as three plated courses inside the grain mill, as well as puffed rice confections. Cocktails, dreamt up and executed by Tony Rials and Jeff Yannuzzi, featured grain based vodka and rye, as well as three beers crafted by Ethan Cox from Community Beer Works. DJ Cutler and Projex were there to help keep it a party, featuring soulful beats and old grain video projections. It was a night to remember. Thankfully there were a few folks there who took far better photos and said some very nice things about their experiences that evening. Find them below.

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