Elote Style Corn Soup


Corn Soup (yields 5qts)
1 onion, diced(350g)
1 bulb fennel, diced (350g)
3 lg cloves garlic
2 qts corn kernels (1200g)
3qt water/ corn stock
xanthan to bind
canola oil

Huitlacoche Flan
33g huitlacoche (frozen weight!!)
18g shallot
200g milk
1T butter
1/2t Dijon
sherry vinegar
Sweat shallot and huitlacoche in butter. Add milk, bring to a boil, season. Puree and pass. Weigh and multiply by .0625 (6.25%) to get weight of necessary gelatin. Bloom gelatin in water, then add to flan base, and heat until all gelatin is melted. Season with salt and vinegar. Pour into flat trays, maintaining 1/3” thickeness.

Lime Tequila Tapioca
1 Bag small pearl tapioca
Bloom tapioca in NO LESS than double the volume of the tapioca in water.
Drain, rinse, put into a thick bottomed pot, and cook again with double the volume of the tapioca with water until tapioca is cooked (transparent). Set aside to cool.
Season with the zest and juice of XXX limes. Add fortylazers tequila and season w salt. Give tequila back to bar staff without drinking any.

Cotija Cheese-
Grate a small amount necessary for that days service only on a microplane

Corn Salad
Char ears of fresh farmers corn over an open flame (without the husk. Cmon. No fires). When coolish, cut the corn off the cob. Mix 2 parts charred corn, one part brunoise red onion, and one part poblano (skinned and seeded) brunoise. Season with salt and olive oil.

Spicy Mayo
Make a mayo (egg yolks, Dijon, lemon juice, salt, ice water, canola oil) and season it with cayenne and pimenton