Onion Soup Croquette

onion soup

Molten Onion Soupe Croquette

Stock base

10 onion, cut in half across onion, peeled

2 gallon chicken stock

Brulee onion in a dry pan (lined with aluminum foil) or on a flat top. When onions are completely blackened on one side, turn over and repeat for other side. Add to pot, simmer with chicken stock, 3 hrs

5# oxtail

1 onion, 2 piece celery, 1 head garlic, 1 carrot, 3T tomato paste, 1 pint thick veal stock, 1c sherry or red wine vinegar, ¼ bunch thyme, 2 bay leaf

Sear off oxtail in a pan, remove. Caramelize veg in same pan, add tomato paste, cook out, then deglaze with vinegar. Add veal stock, and strained onion stock base, and thyme, and 2 bay leaves. Braise for 3 hours (or until soft). Strain liquid and reserve for onion soup, pick meat only of oxtail and reserve with as much braising liquid as is necessary.

For onion soup

15 large white onions, 2 bay leaf, salt, pepper, vinegar to season,1/2# butter

Thinly slice onion with the grain of the onion (so they maintain structure and strength). Melt butter in deep pot, add sliced onions, over low-low med heat, until deeply rich and evenly caramelized. Once caramelized, add thyme, bay, and liquid from oxtail braise, as well as braised oxtail meat. Allow to simmer until flavors evenly combine, about 1.5 hrs. Season to taste.

For croquette

Strain off broth. Weigh onions. Onions should be 65% of weight of croquette, and liquid should be 35% of total weight. Bloom gelatin (5% of total weight) and dissolve into scaled out broth, evenly distribute both. Pour into deep plastic lined hotel pan to chill. Once chilled, portion into desired size, and double bread in panko, egg, and flour. Be sure to pulse panko in robot coupe.

For comte foam

16 oz comte

3 c cream

4g iota

Warm and combine cheese and cream, stir in iota, season with salt and pepper, bring to 190 degrees F, and pour into an isi charger. Will make about two canisters. Charge each canister and with two charges and keep warm.