Food Truck take over!

With the first installation of the workshop under my belt, I’m already brewing the next few.  On October 6, 2k13, I’m really looking forward to working with Pete and Chris from LLoyd Taco Truck.  The gents have been so awesome to allow me to “be llyod” for the day.  I don’t think anyone has guest starred or “popped up” on a truck in WNY yet, so it is going to be a blast.  For me personally, it will be a huge change from a restaurant kitchen, with fine dining price points, prep kitchens, and a huge cooking line.  Pete and Chris have made huge strides for the area food scene and the food trucks alike.  They have introduced llyod III (their third truck) to the market near the end of the summer.  This beautiful shiny new truck will be the home of the workshop for a period of about two hours, or more likely until we run out of food.  In her blog post on, Christ Glennie Seychew describes how the theme will be “Beet It” and will feature just one offering, for $10, first come first serve at 6pm somewhere in Buffalo.  The dish will be a pork dish, and feature flavours of fall.  The idea for second incarnation of the workshopis to continue to show the malleable nature of the idea.  Food can be fun.  Buffalonians are realizing amazing food can come from a fine dining restaurant, a pub, and a mobile kitchen.  So at a more affordable price point this embodiment of the idea will have a finite number of foodstuffs available- meaning you may want to arrive early.  So as ideas and spaces get locked in for events 3-infinity, keep checking back here for photos, updates, and general info about the haps.  Hope to meet some new friends and share a few laughs in doing this.  Perhaps we’ll be seeing you on sunday the 6th.




The time has come to develop the workshop!  This evolutionary based cuisine will have its first incarnation coming in the next 10 days.  When I say evolutionary, I mean that nothing can be stagnant, staid, or permanent.  If it isn’t broken, break it.  When we step out of our comfort zone, only then can we change, develop, adapt, and grow.  So these pop up dinners will be based around an idea in the beginning.  A framework from which everything must blossom.  So you can attend a dinner tomorrow, and know that the next month will not be the same food, experience, friends, or venue.  To me this sounds incredibly exciting- and I hope you find yourself of the same ethos as the workshop.  If so, shoot us your email so we can keep you up to date of our ‘haps.  Thanks for stopping by.  Be seeing you.